Raji Khan

Raji Khan was born  in the city of Ankara in Turkey Origin India . He studied theater and literature, economics, is travel agent merchant, and clairvoyant. He is a father of four children, grandfather of two grandchildren and currently resided in Germany.

Since his childhood, he has been employed within invisible worlds. His interest in astronomy, physics and spirituality has been developed in these early years of his life. With the help of his father, Prof. Dr. Erkan Türkmen (Kalim Khan) and his grandfather Dr. Feridun Mirza Khan, a famous homoeopathic doctor from India, he was taught the science and art of Sufi healing. Raji’s knowledge has been extended by his mother Prof. Dr. Serife , Economics & Mathematics and the Humanities, and by the true kings of this sacred earth, like Rumi, Yunus Emre, Ismail Emre and many other masters.

Raji Khan is now an independent clairvoyant, artist, author, DJ and producer. He holds seminars and lectures on spirituality, music therapy, ayurveda, akasha readings and many other different subjects. Even at trade fairs and cultural events worldwide, he loves to bring his knowledge and connect to the people through his music, art, photographs and other kinds of expression channels.

One of his biggest work is The Book Abakus 33, which meanwhile reached a size of 7 volumes with approximately 9000 pages. Abakus is a mixture of various sources of the ancient religious, cultural, artistic and international scientific developments, stadiums in the world, and the cosmology.

His vision is to gather all kinds of masters and students from different cultures to build a big school, where there is continuous sharing and learning with love.